URIMAT is the world's number one waterless urinal technology and has been saving water globally since 1998. URIMAT waterless urinals reduce water consumption and the associated carbon footprint, thus enhancing the washroom experience whilst also reducing its environmental impact. Ongoing maintenance costs are also very low meaning that savings are retained and the return on investment is realistic, helping to make URIMAT a success wherever it is installed. Since 2006, URIMAT products have been installed in thousands of locations across the UK ranging from low to very high footfall.

VISUTAL digital advertising displays

The VISUTAL digital media display can be used by a variety of market sectors to demographically target high footfall audiences in male washrooms throughout shopping malls, sports stadia, clubs, bars and tourist locations, to name but a few. The screens can be used to promote your own products and services, as well as carrying independent paid-for advertising as a revenue generating media.

URIMAT ecovideo

URIMAT compactvideo

What our customers say about us

What a difference this product has made to our business! I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers about the new urinals, not least about the fact that the smell in the gent’s toilet is positively fragrant! From my point of view, the money I am saving on water will very quickly pay the cost of the urinals and then some. Added to that, knowing that we are doing something to help the environment in this day and age is an absolute bonus.

Owner, London gastropub


We use the URIMAT system for the waterless urinals in our restaurants, which have helped us reduce our water consumption by approximately 150 million litres per annum.

McDonald’s restaurants